Expert Interview: Tips for Preventing Burnout – With Carolyn Revell – Ep 5

Do You Have Burnout? Here Are Some Tips to Help.

This week Nathan caught up with Health Designer Carolyn Revell to discuss an important issue that impacts almost all busy professionals at some point – Burnout! In the constant drive for success, it’s counterintuitive to think that some times you actually need to slow down in order to be more effective. In this interview, Carolyn gives some great advice on keeping yourself operating at your best.
If you’re already feeling overwhelmed and tired out, change can be daunting and feel like just another ‘task’ to add to the list.  Plan ‘achievable’ small steps you will actually do, rather than making a grand plan you never act upon.
Each week pick one area to make a small change
  • What/how you are eating
  • Sleeping habits
  • What/when/how you exercise
  • Self-talk – how you speak to yourself
Then commit to one small change.  Some examples are:
Diet – add one healthy snack to replace one unhealthy snack per day – bring some fruit and nuts to work and ditch the muffin.
Sleep – set a bedtime reminder 30-60 mins before bed and plan a routine to help you relax.  Avoid screens, have a herbal tea, bath, read (a book! not on your phone) and then have 10 mins relaxation/meditation time.
Exercise – are you draining your last bit of energy by overtraining?  If you are not feeling good after exercise change it for a while.  Try a restorative exercise like yoga or pilates – or a nice walk in nature.
What are you telling yourself?  Listen to how you speak to yourself in your thoughts.  Are you putting yourself down, are you even bullying yourself?  Would you speak to someone else like this – or take this from someone else?  No?  Then don’t do it to yourself.  Next time you hear yourself, change it up and remind yourself of a positive quality you possess.
One small step at a time you CAN get your bounce back!
Wanna know more great ways to restore your BOUNCE?
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