Expert Interview: Disrupting businesses with this creative model – With Nathan Shearer – Ep 4

Disrupting the service industry with a creative new business model.

This week Nathan Shearer from Funnel Fix It is here on this Expert Interview to explain his 7-day startup business model and how he disrupts the market in the service industry from the norm.
“Money loves speed ” – traditional business models work slowly and do not allow for modern solutions, thus the need to look at your own funnel and see how your business can optimise it in one way or another whether that is through something like Clickfunnels.
Nathan and the team at Funnel Fix it can sort about any issue you have if you are with Clickfunnels or anything else funnel based, why waste hours of your time when this team of nerds can fix your issue in half the time.
Find out more what Nathan does via Funnel Fix It or check them out on Facebook!
Nathan has been generous enough for our viewers to offer a limited time deal that includes 20% off their pro package!