Live Videos

Live videos are now becoming more prevalent as it’s not only social media influencers that are using them. Brands are too. 

Before live video, Facebook favoured content that more people interacted with as that meant they could retain an audience. Videos were the perfect way to do this as creators were able to express their ideas, thoughts and feelings in a quicker but more engaging way. 

Instead of only one idea in a photo or text post that could potentially bore audiences, videos became quickly popular. As mentioned last week, 90% of the information transmitted to the brain is visual. 


Why live videos?

One word: engagement.

In this digital world, people are becoming disconnected. Live videos allow others to experience the same thing at the same time, creating a sense of community. Brands can portray authenticity with live video as well due to the fact they can’t be recorded in advance.

Authenticity, in turn, creates trustworthiness. If people trust your brand, they are going to have positive things to say about you and become a customer.


What can I do for a live video?

Believe it or not, no matter what you do, you can do a live video. There is always someone wanting to know more about your business or even the industry in general. Here are some ideas to get you started:

1. FAQ or live chats 

This is where you welcome people to ask any questions they have and you can connect with your audience by pretending that you’re just catching up over a coffee.


If you’re shy in front of the camera or have a fear that people may not find you interesting, bring a guest! This guest can be someone who works with you, works in the same industry or just someone who has great value to share.

3. Announcements of anything exciting

You may work in an industry that constantly has something new to release. Make a live video about it and have people guess what the product could be (this will also help with figuring out what the market actually wants).

4. Host a live event

If you have something to count down towards like subscriber numbers or amount of products purchased, you can make an entire event out of it. The hype around reaching a certain goal will encourage other people to share the event with others, in-turn creating a sense of community.

5. Knowledge or stories

Like an FAQ or live chat, you could choose this time to dive in deep into your success or struggle stories. You can also share your knowledge around the industry so other people don’t fall into the same trap or show that they can really achieve their goals.

6. Work tour

Your place of work, whether it may not be exciting to you, it can be exciting to others. Take this as an opportunity to showcase your office and give a tour.

7. Behind the scenes

This can be just like an office tour but also this is a time to highlight how you create products, liaise between different brands, any upcoming events or just show what it’s truly like to work at your company.

8. How-to’s 

Everyone loves a how-to video and these are sometimes the easiest videos to create. Just think of something you do in your business every day like writing an email to a major company or setting up events. Use these mundane tasks you have and create an instructional video that will help others and possibly future staff (so really this is a 2 in 1).


Live video whether you like it or not, is something that is going to become more popular over time. It is better now than later to get onto this bandwagon so you can be one of the pioneers in your industry. Before you know it, you’ll become an expert at it!

Sales tip: visual representation of your goals

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