Chromosome Resources

Resources Available For The Chromosome Digital Marketing Summit Participants:

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The group is called “Disruptive SEO and Digital Marketing“.


Resources And Tips: TRACKING

Tracking Spreadsheet + Helpful Video For Knowing Your Numbers: 

Follow this Link to download the excel tracking spreadsheet.

Attribution Tracking:


Resources And Tips: TRAFFIC

Here are two videos showing you how to get the absolute most value from your Google Ads traffic:


Resources And Tips: WEBSITE

Various website optimisation tools:

  • Hotjar
  • Crazy Egg
  • Optimizely


Resources And Tips: SALES

Three Sales Hacks:

1: Create an offer

2: Sell an outcome

3: Keep it simple (a confused mind says no)


Resources And Tips: REPORTING

Searching Local Organic Rankings: 

Measuring Organic Rankings:  

Visualising Data And Reports:

Google Data Studio