Episode #1 – Matthew Whyatt

Leveraging Sales Objections


It has been a long time coming but everyone at Disrupta is super excited that we have finally launched our new podcast. We love talking about anything to do with digital, marketing, business building and most of all disruption so it made perfect sense to launch a podcast where we can share that with all of our network. We hope that you all get as much value and as much joy from it as we do. 

In our first ever episode, Disrupta Founder Nathan Wade talks to Matthew Whyatt. This is not the first time we have spoken to Matthew about how he is changing the world of Business to Business Software and Technology sales but our love for him is still the same. Check out the podcast to hear him explain exactly how to set up your business to deal with sales objections and win the deal every time. Now who doesn’t want to know how to be a better closer? 

If you are tired of being frustrated and want to learn how to increase your revenue with predictability, then check out the podcast for all of Matthew’s tips and tricks (along with some insight into Nathan’s killer process). This is one podcast not to be missed! 

Nathan caught up with the founder of Sales Results – Matthew Whyatt. For more info on Mathew, check him out at www.matthewwhyatt.com

Matthew helps companies selling B2B software and technology solutions to win more business by doing the opposite of selling.


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