Expert Interview: Why branding is important – With Lee Linden – Ep 3

Why is branding important?

This week Nathan caught up with an amazing Branding Expert by the name of Lee Linden. Lee is one of the founders of Flint & Spark and has worked with a wide range of companies – ranging from big corporates (like Nestle) through to some of the most promising up and coming startups in the country.

Tune in to hear some of her best tips around using branding to boost sales (even on a tight budget).

Check out flintandspark.com.au to learn more about what Lee and Yifat can do for your business as a consumer-driven approach is in the heart of Flint & Spark because they understand its importance, especially for startups.

As previously Yifat explained: “We have different methodologies we developed that uncover the right triggers and ways to explain the business and build a strategy that fits the business goals, resources and current stage.

We leave and breath the innovation eco-system and that’s why we are the marketing specialists for startups. We cater for their different needs, whether it’s a big strategic project or just a quick and affordable help (like getting your website reviewed or help you with your pitch).”