Expert Interview: Successful companies have this in common – With Yifat Shirben – Ep 2

What do most successful companies have in common?

In this Expert Interview, Nathan is with a good friend Yifat Shirben. She has been in the marketing business for a while now, where she is now more focused on consumer-driven behaviour.

Successful businesses are putting the consumers back in the driver’s seat. their entire business is consumer-driven. From marketing to product, from customer support to business decisions.

Yifat covers:

  • Why it’s important to put the customer first.
  • Understanding that customers are less rational than we think.
  • Focus on the ‘WHY’
    and other great tips!

Authors/books she recommends reading:

  1. Simon Sinek – Start with Why
  2. Dan Arieli – Predictably Irrational
  3. Daniel Kahenman – Decision Making

These authors offer insights on how to get into the consumer-driven mindset.

Want to know more about the consumer-driven mindset? This blog post on Flint & Spark recommends other authors + explanation of how they can help you.

Check out flintandspark.com.au to learn more about what Yifat and her team can do for your business as a consumer-driven approach is in the heart of Flint & Spark because they understand its importance, especially for startups.

As Yifat explains: “We have different methodologies we developed that uncover the right triggers and ways to explain the business and build a strategy that fits the business goals, resources and current stage.

We leave and breath the innovation eco-system and that’s why we are the marketing specialists for startups. We cater for their different needs, whether it’s a big strategic project or just a quick and affordable help (like getting your website reviewed or help you with your pitch).”

Contact her directly via yifat@flinktandspark.com.au